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Monday, August 29, 2011

Intuitive Life Coaching

Intuitive Life Coaching employs positive, goal-oriented steps to empower individuals, couples, families, or work groups to achieve outcomes which reflect the most loving, highest good for all concerned.  Working through emotional and mental blocks to uncover the deepest values, intuitive life coaching offers direct gentle guidance towards fulfilling one’s higher purposes in life.  This purposeful approach leads to healthier, happier, and more loving ways of being.

Intuition refers to connecting with our higher selves, bringing through unconditional love, to help individuals, couples, families, or work groups make progress overcoming challenges from past and present patterns to break through to more constructive and long-lasting patterns for good. 
Techniques used can include:

Ø  affirmations

Ø  visualizations

Ø  breath-work. 

Ø  Goal-setting

Ø  Concrete rewards
The focus is always on what is positive, moving from negative thoughts, feelings, and relating patterns to positive, constructive thinking and feeling patterns and practices.  Intuitive life coaching emphasizes self-responsibility: learning to recognize the things over which each individual has control, and letting go of everything which one cannot control.  This also means emphasizing individual freedom, while honoring the importance of compassion and kindness as central to healthier human relationships.
If you would like:

Ø  to attain higher states of positivity in your life, to de-stress, or to improve your relationships at home, at work, or elsewhere, then life coaching may be a great tool for you.

Ø  to overcome addictions, then life coaching will help you honestly assess your own limits and responsibilities, while also setting concrete goals for healing in a supportive, non-judgmental setting.

Ø  support on your journey, while learning to choose a more loving approach to life for yourself, then life coaching can empower you to achieve greater harmony within yourself and your life.

Ø  Couple’s coaching, then life coaching offers a therapeutic but non-theoretical approach to working constructively and lovingly towards a happier, more fulfilling relationship.  In other words, the intuitive guidance is geared for you, not based on some general theory that may or may not fit your personalities and situation.  Life coaching is always geared towards your highest good, as well as the most loving outcome possible for all.
Carol Richardson, M. Div., M.P.H.
Healer, Intuitive Life Coach, Meditation Teacher

Washington Institute of Natural Medicine
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Washington, D.C. 20016
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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Infertility - A Growing Problem

Natural Fertility Treatment
Dr. Victoria Goldsten, HD
Natural Health Care Nurse
Integrative Homeopathic Doctor

It is more and more evident that couples are experiencing infertility issues.  Over the last 15 years clients requesting natural fertility treatment have increased significantly at the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine in Washington D.C.
Many of the clients that contact the Institute have already been to their gynecologists and fertility experts only to find out that all of their tests are normal and there is no explained reason for the infertility.  In these particular situations the Washington Institute’s staff can have a significant impact on the client’s goal of successfully obtaining and maintaining a pregnancy.

I am Dr. Victoria Goldsten, an Integrative Homeopath and the director of the Institute. As the director of the Institute and a practitioner, I first was unsure if I was going to treat infertility naturally. 
Over 20 years ago when I first started my practice I became acquainted with infertility with a client that just had one ovary.  This client initially asked for my assistance for her irregular menstruation.  She had previously been on fertility drugs and had two viable pregnancies.  My original goal and her request was to balance her female system and in doing so I placed her on professional homeopathic formulas to balance the female hormonal system and to detox the liver.  The formulations worked well in regulating her menstruation and surprisingly she became pregnant without the use of the fertility drugs. At that point I knew I could help women become pregnant naturally.

After that first client with infertility, I helped numerous women with natural remedies that had the goal of becoming pregnant.  Although each case was somewhat different, I typically have had amazing results. One client in particular came to me after trying to get pregnant for two years.  She had seen all of her medical doctors and everything appeared normal.  I placed her on a homeopathic treatment plan and she became pregnant just after two months.  The results were quite inspiring.  Due to these results I felt compelled to write this article so I could let young couples know that there is help for them naturally.
When selecting a natural health care fertility plan it is important to illustrate that natural medicine does not replace conventional care but rather augments it.  In this process the client seeking natural fertility needs to have the proper assessments with conventional medicine and natural health care practitioners.

When a natural health care assessment is completed, the practitioner uses a variety of evaluative skills that help the practitioner understand what organ systems need support and healing.  This is a holistic approach including emotional, physical, nutritional, and detoxification care.

About Author:
Dr. Victoria Goldsten, HD, has been caring for the sick since 1973. Her first health care experience was in nursing at several local hospitals and health care facilities. She later studied and received certificates in: homeopathy, Reiki, acupressure, and hypnotherapy. She has a B.S. degree in Nursing and a Doctorate degree in Homeopathy. She is currently working as the Director and an Integrative Homeopath at the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine. The Institute is located at 5101 Wisconsin Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20016.  The phone number is (202) 686-8202. The web site is: www.NaturalHealthDC.com

Dr. Victoria  Goldsten, HD
Washington Institute of Natural Medicine
5101 Wisconsin Ave., N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20016
(202) 237-7681, (202) 686-8202

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Facial Detox Massage and Acupressure

Do you have a skin condition or a disorder affecting your face?

Do you have?

Acne      Eczema      Wrinkles
Bells Palsy       Trigeminal Neuralgia

Poor Skin or Muscle Tone of the Face

Drooping of one Side of the Face

Facial Tics         Psoriasis         Dry Skin  

Washington Institute’s Trained Professionals Can Provide the Service for You.

Nicole Maisel, LMT
Robert White, LMT
Dr. BK Mudahar, L.Ac.
Camilla Easley, RN

The Treatment:
The practitioner uses a natural therapeutic oil cleanser, a hot towel heat treatment compress, skin tonification, and provides massage/acupressure to the face, neck, shoulders, and upper back with natural creams and oils.

The treatment detoxifies the skin, improves circulation, and stimulates muscle tone.  It also accesses the acupuncture points by applying pressure thereby balancing the stomach and gallbladder meridians.  According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) points on the face also assist in eye disorders, sinus conditions, digestive complaints and much more.

Washington Institute of Natural Medicine
5101 Wisconsin Ave., N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20016
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(202) 686-8202

Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Practitioner Offering a Fantastic Rate!

The Washington Institute of Natural Medicine is happy to bring on staff a new practitioner with experience and impressive credentials.  Her name is Carol Richardson. Carol offers energy work, life coach counseling, and yoga meditation.  As a new practitioner Carol is offering her services at a fantastic rate.  Feel free to flyer for further details at

Washington Institute of Natural Medicine
5101 Wisconsin Ave., N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20016
(202) 237-7681
(202) 686-8202

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Iridology: Exploring Your Health Landscape

“Your eyes are beautiful.” The eyes can be looked at as a road map or blueprint that can guide you as you move forward in exploring this gift of Life. I offer photographs of the structure of the fibers of the iris as a way to learn more about the dynamic development of the body. This includes while in the womb and also during the body’s adapting to the stresses of life during the person’s lifetime.

At the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine, Dr. Victoria Goldsten and I offer a combined program of iris assessment and photography, along with the Washington Institute’s “Natural Health Exam” and natural remedy recommendations.

Study of the eye can be traced back to ancient Chinese literature. Modern neuroscience is linking the eyes with social skills. This is giving us clues as to why iridologists throughout healthcare history have been so dedicated to using it as a way to help heal the whole person: they sensed that there was something important linking the eyes to the rest of the body. We now have increasing amounts of science to back up that intricate relationship of all parts of the body. I have been the Principal Investigator of an IRB project to research the topic, “Ocular Signs of Cardiac Pathology.” I have extensive experience with the Rayid™ system of neuro-emotional iridology.  

I have been certified by the International Iridology Practitioners Association, and support their approach to iridology:
Eyes have long been referred to as the “Windows of the Soul”. But few people are aware of just how true this observation is. Accurate analysis of iris structure and pigmentation provides information about you or your clients that is hard to find through other methods. This information is so valuable that Iridology deserves to become a widely practiced assessment tool in both the physical and psychological health fields.

There are a multitude of factors that influence our health and personality, and many of these factors are reflected in the iris. Look closely at your eyes in a mirror, and then at the irises of those around you. You will see many different patterns of iris fibers and colors. Like fingerprints or faces, no two are exactly alike, and neither are we! The iris structure is so unique it is now being used for security identification at ATM machines and airports. Microsoft’s “house of the future” will use an eye scanner to identify residents and unlock the door.
The Health Status Equation
In order to fully appreciate what the iris reveals, let’s first consider this equation:

We all inherit certain combinations of physical traits. We can observe some of these origins from our family tree, but how much this specifically affects you? Diet and lifestyle have a great impact on some people, but why are others able to get away with abusing their bodies? Which mental and emotional aspects significantly affect our physical health? And as we get older, we lose our resiliency at different rates. What is our individual rate?

Iridology takes a lot of the guesswork out of these questions. Going through life without this information is like taking a trip without a map. What are your chances of arriving at your desired destination? Will you get there efficiently, or end up taking many detours along the way? And how will you know where you are heading next?

Using the road map or blueprint contained in the iris, you can find out how well you are put together (and how much abuse your body can handle), where your body will tend to get sick, (including which organ systems are at greater risk), what specific underlying reasons contribute to your symptoms (which may vary from person to person with the same symptoms), and what emotional or behavioral factors are influencing these patterns. In short, it can show you where you came from, where you are headed, what kind of body you have for a vehicle, and what type of driver you are. With this knowledge, you can more effectively approach health challenges and also identify which preventive medicine practices would be most important for you to pursue…  — Bill Caradonna, N.D., R.Ph., Research Director -- International Iridology Practitioners Association

The human being is designed for self-healing and to enjoy this marvelous gift of life. So I invite you to learn more about Natural Medicine and treat yourself soon to some of the many Complementary and Alternative Medicine approaches. We practitioners at the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine are here to help you do that.

Ralph Wilson, N.D., M.S. Acupuncture, Certified FlexAware® Teacher
Washington Institute of Natural Medicine

5101 Wisconsin Ave NW Suite 100
Washington DC 20016

Ask for special Iridology Package Price: $145.00