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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Reflexology Program Nov 9

Washington Institute of Natural Medicine
NCBTMB Continuing Education Provider
Reflexology Program
CEs and Prep Classes
Olney, Maryland
Certification Program and Continuing Education 

Perfect for Massage Therapists, Nurses, Child Care Providers, Geriatric Care, and New Aspiring Reflexologists!
Introduction to Reflexology
Level 1
 Saturday November 9, 2019
   10:00 am to 3:00 pm
Olney, Maryland Location 
3700 Mystic Ct., Olney, MD 20832
 (301) 538-9540

 NCBTMB Approved Provider
           Qualify and test for theAmerican Reflexology Certification Board,
the highest standard of credentials in reflexology recognized through out the United States.

Each Level $225.00
Levels                 Total Cost $900
Class dates
I     -RPC1 - IntroductionNov 9, 2019 Sat
II   -RPC2 - Reflexology w/ Essential oils  Dec 7, 2019 Sat
III -RPC3 - Reflexology & AcupressureJan 11, 2020 Sat
IV   -RPC4 - ClinicalTo be announced

Reflexology Practitioner Certification (RPC)
RPC Level 1   Principles & Techniques   7CEs                                                    
This course includes four hours on reflexology theory, history, zone therapy, meridians, map of reflexes and foot and hand structure. Four hours of hands-on to learn reflexology grip and techniques. One hour on business ethics and standards. Twenty hours of unsupervised documented practical sessions and three hours of homework.
RPC Level 2   Reflexology and Aromatherapy   
This course includes four hours of reflexology theory, history, zones, meridians, relaxation response, and body systems related to reflexology. Introduction to aromatherapy, its benefits, safety guidelines and practical applications will be discussed. Four hours of practical sessions including the application of essential oils on reflex points. One hour on business standards, local/state laws and ordinances pertaining to the practice of reflexology. Three hours of homework.
RPC Level 3   Reflexology & Acupressure     
7 CEs
This course includes four hours of body systems as related to reflexology, leg and foot structure, hands-on palpations, and map of reflexes as they are anatomically reflected on the feet. Practical use of acupressure is discussed. Practical sessions performed. One hour of business standards and ethics pertaining to the practice of reflexology. Three hours of homework.
RPC Level 4 Reflexology Clinical               
7 CEs              
Required for Certification with the *ANHA
This fully hands-on two day class is to satisfy the requirements of six documented practical sessions required by *ANHA for certification. The student may schedule 3 clients for each day. The student may invite friends and/or family to be their client or the institute can schedule the clients for the class.

See our You Tube Video about Reflexology

Qualify and test for the American Reflexology Certification Board,
the highest standard of credentials in reflexology recognized through out the United States.

The American Reflexology Certification Board is a non-profit corporation, an independent testing agency whose primary purpose is to certify the competency of those Reflexologist who practice on a professional level and wish to be recognized as meeting national standards. Certification by ARCB distinguishes the professional; setting apart and bringing credibility to the practitioner committed to excellence.
To Qualify for ARCB certification the following must be completed.

ARCB Reflexology Requirements
Homework is no longer counted as part of the 110 hours required to qualify to sit for the ARCB certification exam.
New curriculum for ARCB qualification.
Holistic Health Care Level 1
Anatomy/Physiology and Medical Terminology                           8 hrs
Holistic Health Care Level 2
Pathology and Detoxification                                                    8 hrs
Reflexology Level 1
History, Principles, Benefits and Techniques                               8 hrs
Written research paper on contraindications
of reflexology or studies on benefits of reflexology.
(Independent study)                                                               21 hrs
Reflexology Level 2 - Techniques and Aromatherapy                    8 hrs
Written business plan. (Independent Study)                             16 hrs
Reflexology Level 3
Techniques and Hot Stones                                                       8 hrs
Reflexology Level 4
Clinical and final practical exam for ANHA certification                8 hrs
Requires a written case study on five sessions
on five individuals.(Independent Study)                                   25 hrs
                                               Total hours                            110 hours
Independent Study must be completed to meet ARCB requirements.
ANHA certification does not require the independent study hours.
The Washington Institute teaches continuing education classes and a certificate program in Holistic Health in Maryland.

The Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) has reviewed the Washington Institute's classes and has determined that the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine can teach classes in Maryland. 
Approved for continuing education through the
American Alternative Medical Association
Accredited by the
American Association of Drugless Practitioners 

Instructor's Credentials

Jen Martinez-Bentley has 18 years of teaching experience.
Doctor of Naturopathy                       September 1999         
 Nova International
Doctor of Integrative Homeopathy    December 2007          
 National University of Therapeutics

Currently teaching at:
Centura College in Chesapeake,VA              weekdays
Washington Institute of Natural Medicine     weekends only

Qualified to teach the following courses:
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Aromatherapy
  • Business and Ethics for Bodyworkers
  • Chair Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Holistic Medicine
  • Holistic Nutrition
  • Kinesiology
  • Lymphatic Massage
  • Meditation / Visualization
  • Myofascial Therapy
  • Myology
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Reiki and Chakra Balancing
  • Shiatsu/Acupressure
  • Spa Modalities including hydrotherapy
  • Sports Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
Student review - "Dr. Jen did a fantastic job she is a wise, intuitive healer with a vast knowledge of aromatherapy.  What a wonderful experience!" Melisa M. Miner
Call to register: (202) 686-8202, (202) 237-7681, (301) 538-9540 


Washington Institute of Natural Medicine
Class Location
3700 Mystic Ct., Olney, MD 20832
Class entrance at the rear
 (301) 538-9540
Primary Wellness Center in Washington, D.C.
(202) 686-8202 

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Energy Field Protection Class 11/17/19

Energy Field Protection Class

Protect yourself from Other's 
Negative Energy, Thoughts, and Fields
From Here on Earth and Beyond

HAKU Energetic Wellness
Holistic ~ Alchemy ~ Kismet ~ Universal

Sunday, November 17, 2019
3 PM - 5 PM
 $75 per person 

For Personal and Practitioner Use

Anabel Arellano, CHHP, NA, NT, CRP
Registered Health Educator, Certified Holistic Health Care Practitioner
Graduate Personal Care Provider/Nursing Technician
Certified Reiki Practitioner, Shamanic Practitioner
Promoting Holistic Alternatives to Achieve & Maintain Optimum
 Health & Wellness for Mind, Body, & Spirit

The Workshop 

In this workshop we will focus on techniques to clear your energy field & set up protection. You will learn a "scuddering" protocol and put it into practice with a partner. We will also learn a shamanic practice called egg clearing. Personal affirmations will be created to deconstruct limiting beliefs and create powerful transformative tools for use in daily practice.
This workshop is great for empaths, practitioners and/or anyone interested in learning how to shift their energy to increase their vitality and encourage harmony on many levels.
Sign up today for a unique and fulfilling experience!

3701 Connecticut Ave., N.W. Suite 1
Washington, D.C. 20008

Come explore a variety of tools & techniques that you can apply to help clear, balance, & rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit...Reclaim your power & set healthy boundaries and goals with intention.

We will learn cord cutting as well as connecting with guides to shift limiting beliefs into transformational stepping stones. 
About the Instructor Anabel:

Anabel was born and raised in DC/MD/VA area.  She attended UDC in pursuit of a Nursing degree however was forced to leave the program just six months shy of graduating because of  her battle with chronic lyme disease. After several failed attempts to treat her condition/ailments with traditional western medicine approaches, Anabel's personal healing journey lead her to take matters into her own hands, focusing on holistic alternatives & modalities. She was able to beat the odds with astounding results & decided to take a leap of faith into a new career path. In 2013, she pursued the Holistic Health Care program at Washington Institute of Natural Medicine in Washington, DC, then attained  her certification and moved to Hawaii. After several years she has decided to return to her roots here in the DC Metropolitan area, and be of service to the local community; empowering, educating & heightening awareness on the benefits of maintaining a harmonious relationship between mind, body, & spirit for optimum health & wellness.

Ask about Anabel's services such as Chakra Balancing, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, and Intuitive Healing.
Online Questions or Scheduling with Anabel:

More Information about Anabel:
Call to Register

(202) 686-8202 
(301) 538-9540
Washington Institute of Natural Medicine
Cleveland Park Location

3701 Connecticut Ave., N.W. #1
Washington, D.c. 20008

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

New Iridology Program 10/19/19

Become an Iridologist

New Certification Program !
Live On-line Lectures with Hands-on Clinical
Starting Saturday, October 19, 2019   
Lead Instructor: Jen Martinez, HD
Holistic Health Practitioner
Doctor of Integrative Homeopathy

Levels 1 - 3, Lectures Live Online through Adobe Connect 
Level 4 Clinical with Steven Galloway
3700 Mystic Ct., Olney, MD 20832

All classes are 10 am to 3 pm
Each level is $225.00 
Level 1   Anatomy & Physiology - Saturday, October 19, 2019 
              Describes the structure and function of all body systems.
Level 2  History  & Principles of Iridology - TBA
              History of Iridology
              Principles of Iridology
              What Iridology can show and cannot show
              Iridology Chart                 
Level 3   Iridology Analysis - Saturday - TBA
               Iris Color
               Iris Zones
               Open and Closed Lesions
               Autonomic nerve wreath
               Radii Solaris
               Nerve Rings
               Scurf rim
               Lymphatic Rosary
               Sodium ring
               Arcus senilis
               White inflamed fibers
               Pupil configurations
Level 4   Iridology Clinical  - TBA
              Students to submit five documented analysis with pictures.    

TBA = Dates set up with level 1 students and teacher.
Fees: $225.00 per level
All four levels required to complete certification
Call to Register
(202) 686-8202 - (202) 237-7681

Upon completion of the Iridology Program graduates will receive Practitioner Certifications through the:

Washington Institute of Natural Medicine
and the
American Naturopathic and Holistic Association

Upon payment of each level our office will send you a link to Adobe Connect in order to take the class.
For information on additional classes:


Washington Institute of Natural Medicine
(202) 686-8202

CE Provider
American Alternative Medical Association