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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Protect your Child from Colds and Infections at School

Dr. Victoria Goldsten, HD
Natural Health Care Nurse
Integrative Homeopathic Doctor
Disease-causing germs such as bacteria, viruses, parasites or fungi spread directly or indirectly from one person to another. According to the World Health Organization infectious diseases are now the world's biggest killer of children and young adults; they lead to 16.2% of worldwide deaths. Schools with children sharing space expose them to many infections.
Knowing these statistics it is important to strengthen the body and use preventative measures. Simple things like washing hands and preparing foods properly can prevent the chances of spreading infectious diseases. Eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water also assist in protection.
In alternative medicine clinics homeopathic medicines and herbal remedies prove to be extremely effective in preventing and fighting infection. There are specific homeopathic remedies that act similar to immunizations, although much safer, that can prevent and slow down the course of an infection.
Viral, bacterial, and fungal infections are the most highly seen forms of infections treated at the Washington Institute with viral infections such as head colds being number one.
At the Institute we use homeopathic nosode remedies as our first line of defense in the treatment of infections along with detoxification and organ support homeopathics. These therapies can be used safely with conventional medications.

If you are interested in further information regarding the natural treatment of the infectious diseases, please feel free to contact the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine.  
About Author:
Dr. Victoria Goldsten, HD, has been caring for the sick since 1973. Her first health care experience was in nursing at several local hospitals and health care facilities. She later studied and received certificates in: homeopathy, Reiki, acupressure, and hypnotherapy. She has a B.S. degree in Nursing and a Doctorate degree in Homeopathy. She is currently working as the Director and an Integrative Homeopath at the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine. The Institute's primary wellness center is located at 5225 Wisconsin Ave., N.W., #402 Washington, D.C. 20015.  The phone number is (202) 686-8202. The Institute also has a Maryland location in Olney, Maryland. The web site is: www.NaturalHealthDC.com.   
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