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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Natural Head Cold Treatment

Conventional and Natural Treatment of Head Colds
Dr. Victoria Goldsten, HD
Natural Health Care Nurse
Integrative Homeopathic Doctor

During my nursing studies, I learned that there was no treatment for the cause of the common head cold for the symptoms were caused by viruses.  Tylenol was recommended for the fever aches and pains and antihistamines for the runny nose.  Once the infection turned bacterial was there a treatment for the cause and then antibiotics were given. As a nurse I thought I was doing all that I could do at the time.

Now that I have studied and personally used natural methods I have found a broad range of treatments for the common cold.  What I found was amazing and unbelievable.  It forever changed my path in health care.

The remedy treatments I am referring to are homeopthics, herbals, and therapeutic oils.  Although all not proven scientifically, through my years of study and treatment I have seen miraculous results.  The one remedy most important is the homeopathic viral nosode.  This remedy nosode is a dead virus repeatedly diluted and agitated into a homeopathic remedy.  Based upon homeopathic theory this remedy stimulates the immune system to fight the virus in a similar way as a vaccine but it is harmless to the body.  I have experienced thousands of clients’ positive reactions to this remedy as well as myself, family members, and friends.  It was impossible to ignore the overwhelming positive results.  In addition to the viral nosode I found herbs, sublingual oligo liquid zinc, and therapeutic oils very beneficial. Many times I used then in conjunction with the viral nosode remedy to intensify the treatment.

At the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine, we first examine and consult with a client to see which natural remedy will be appropriate for the client.  Upon doing so we explain the proper dosages and also focus on cleansing the toxins produced by the cold.  Many times we support the liver or kidneys while using immune remedies for the virus.

If you are interested in further information regarding the natural treatment of the common cold, please feel free to contact the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine.  

Washington Institute of Natural Medicine
5101 Wisconsin Ave., N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20016

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New Massage Therapist at the Washington Institute

The Washington Institute is proud to announce the addition of a new massage therapist, Jessica Duda.  She is available upon request for a variety of massage therapy techniques such as but not limited to lymphatic drainage.  Just click the link below for details.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Colon Cleansing and Colon Hydrotherapy for Constipation and Colonoscopies

Constipation, Cleansing and Colon Hydrotherapy
Dr. Victoria Goldsten, HD
Natural Health Care Nurse
Integrative Homeopathic Doctor

When working on surgical wings of hospitals over 30 years ago, constipation was quite common after surgery.  The anesthesia slowed the bowel down and as a result constipated the patients.  Frequently we would request an order from the surgeon for a stool softener such as colace.  Unfortunately the patients would be very uncomfortable and anxious to get this medication.  Many times we had to wait for an order for many hours and sometimes until the next day, all the while wanting to help our patients.  Because of the numerous delays I would request prune juice from the hospital kitchen to assist the patients. 

Now as a natural health care practitioner I have learned about many remedies and methods that can help.  If I only knew then what I know now, what a difference I could have made.

When a client comes to the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine with constipation we have numerous natural therapies and remedies that can help such as: homeopathy, herbs, acupressure, acupuncture, massage, and colon hydrotherapy.

With constipation the muscle tone of the large intestine decreases thereby reducing contractility.  Without these contractions, known as peristalsis, the colon can not function properly.  Peristalsis can be stimulated in many ways.  The abdomen can be massaged with therapeutic oils in the direction of the large intestine path from the ascending colon to the descending colon.  This massage done with the absorption of the therapeutic oils can stimulate the colon to function.  In addition homeopathics, herbs, and acupressure can stimulate the colon.

With difficult and recurring constipation, the strongest solution is colon hydrotherapy.  This method uses warmed filtered water to wash out the colon and stimulate the muscles of the colon.  Based on my assessment and experience at the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine, I have found that the open gravity method is the most safe and effective form of colon hydrotherapy.  The open system allows the colon to be stimulated by the water that enters it and allows for the client to release the stool though the normal elimination process of the colon, just as having a normal bowel movement.  This method permits the colon to exercise its musculature.  The gravity water introduced also does not put any unnecessary pressure on the colon wall, but at the same time being very effective.

At the Institute we have also provided colon hydrotherapy to those clients preparing for colonoscopies and those that have sever redundant colons.  This process cleans the colon in a very safe and productive way for these clients.  

All of the therapies and methods reviewed can be received at the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine with qualified trained and certified practitioners.

Washington Institute of Natural Medicine
5101 Wisconsin Ave., N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20016

(202) 237-7681
(202) 686-8202

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Natural Treatment for Back Pain in Washington, DC

Natural Treatment for Back Pain in Washington, DC
Dr. Victoria Goldsten, HD
Natural Health Care Nurse
Integrative Homeopathic Doctor
Certified Neural Therapy Practitioner
Since 1973 I have cared for patients with back pain.  First, those in the hospital setting after surgical procedures and now, in an alternative medicine facility.  I have gone from giving Demerol injections to now providing massage, acupressure, homeopathy, and neural therapy.  Although Demerol helped with the pain it was a temporary treatment as are many other drugs. 
Over the last fifteen years I have seen massage eliminate pain and promote improved mobility.  It increases circulation and helps the moisture return into the tissue sites -- as a result symptoms improve.  In addition, I have worked with an orthopedic massage therapist that improves joint function and increases range of motion with his treatments.
When a client presents with difficult pain complaints I recommend the addition of acupuncture to the massage therapy sessions.  Acupuncture also increases circulation and causes a rise in endorphins resulting in pain relief.
I feel natural practitioners need an arsenal of methods to help control pain and to assist in the healing of the client.  One powerful method is dry needle neural therapy.  This technique is provided by those medical practitioners permitted to use hypodermic needles such as phlebotomists, nurses, and medical doctors. 

One neural therapy method inserts the needle via an empty syringe, through the skin at approximately 30 to 90 degrees, and then removes the syringe.  The needle is left in place for at least 20 minutes to reach therapeutic value. The locations are selected based on peripheral nerve sites related to the pain.
Some clients have reported an elimination of pain just after one session.  Repeat sessions may be needed based on the clients personal history.  Based upon neural therapy data, the millivolts produced by the nerve are reduced thereby decreasing the pain.
Neural therapy practitioners may practice the method in different ways.  Other methods introduce the needles quickly and repetitively throughout the treatment session and some may inject Novocain. Usually those using Novocain are medical doctors but nurses can provide the treatment with Novocain injections after receiving a doctor’s prescription.
The Washington Institute practitioners offer the dry needle technique with the 20 minute needle placement. Institute clients have reported that the dry needle neural therapy to be even more powerful than acupuncture.
In addition to massage, acupuncture, and neural therapy clients may also find positive response to acupressure and homeopathic remedies.
Prior to treatment it is important to have a diagnosis from a medical doctor to insure that there is nothing seriously affecting the client that may need conventional medical attention.
The Washington Institute of Natural Medicine has a variety of natural therapies that augment conventional care.  Please feel free to contact the Institute for further question or details.
Washington Institute of Natural Medicine
5101 Wisconsin Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20016
(202) 237-7681  or  (202) 686-8202

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Natural Treatment for Anxiety

My Fight with Anxiety
Natural Medicine Helped Me
David M.

I had an anxiety problem for most of my adult life.  Different doctors that I went to gave me different supplements consisting mostly of taking vitamins.  Later doctors gave me pills such as Xanex.  The most recent doctor I went to has worked on and lowered my triglycerides and cholesterol from extremely high levels to close to normal. This last doctor seems to have lessened my anxiety bouts but not put an end to them. 
I went to Dr. Goldsten of the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine.  She is an integrative homeopathic doctor. I gave her my history of anxiety and what the doctors previously recommended.  She talked to me about anxiety drops, neuro relax drops, and stage fright homeopathic drops.  Other than extreme anxiety situations these drops worked fast and thoroughly on my problem.
She also instructed me on an acupressure method that applied pressure to acupressure points called the Palace of Anxiety in the center of the palm of each hand. She said to use them whenever I am not around the drops she gave me.  She also said that I could use the pressure points with the drops as well.  I was amazed that just by touching certain points on my hands that the body would react and calm anxious situations for me.
When I found the drops were not quite strong enough for my anxiety in the dental chair I then asked the dental assistant to apply pressure to the Palace of Anxiety points in my hands for me.  That relaxed me enough so I was in no hurry to leave the dental chair.
After my positive experience with natural medicine I became more familiar with Dr. Goldsten’s practice and methods.  I found out that when she started in the health profession she first was educated as a nurse and then studied many natural health methods after that.  I think her background in conventional medicine causes her to be a natural practitioner that is aware of both methods in health care; therefore, she sees health care in a realistic manner.  She is not against conventional medicine but augments its care.
If you are interested in Dr. Goldsten’s care she has an institute in Washington, D.C. with numerous other natural health care practitioners such as: massage therapists, colon hydrotherapists, energy workers, acupuncturists, reflexologists and much more.  They are a fantastic group of people. 
The Washington Institute of Natural Medicine is located at 5101 Wisconsin Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20016.  They can be reached at (202) 686-8202 and seen on their web site at: www.NaturalHealthDC.com.  It is definitely worth your time to check out their facility.  Each and every practitioner has a great gift to offer.
Best wishes in your search for health care.  Good health to you.

Support and Healing Lympy Nodes Naturally

Dr. Goldsten, HD Helped Me with Lymph Node Repair
Pam H.

After having a negative response to a stress test and family history of heart disease I was advised to have an angiogram. Following the procedure I started having pain in the groin area and also my leg gradually got black and blue like it was bruised. After many complaints the doctor finally ordered a CAT scan and a sonogram of the area. The results of the tests revealed that the artery had not healed properly and blood was seeping out which caused the bruising of my leg and also an aneurism had formed. Artery reconstruction surgery was required to remove the aneurism and repair the artery.

After the surgery I began to experience severe pain in the surgical area. A MRI was performed and the results showed that a lymph gland was damaged during the reconstruction surgery. It was recommended that I have additional surgery to cauterize the gland to correct the situation. I was told that this was the only way to solve the problem.

I did not want to undergo additional corrective surgery so I contacted Dr. Goldsten, an integrative homeopath at the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine, to see if the lymph gland could be repaired with natural or homeopathic treatment. Dr. Goldsten put me on a professional homeopathic formula designed to heal lymph nodes. This formula had several homeopathic remedies in it such as: Thuja 4x and Silicea 3x. Within three weeks the pain was gone. On occasion if I happen to exert myself with excessive walking or exercise I would use the formula to help protect and heal my lymph system.

The above mentioned MRI also detected fibroids in my uterus. I contacted Dr. Goldsten and started on a remedy directed toward this condition. A short time later I had a pelvic sonogram and was told that they could not see any fibroids. Also in the past, when I had my routine colonoscopy, small polyps would be removed. The next colonoscopy I had after taking homeopathic remedies showed that there was no polyps in the colon.

Dr. Goldsten has been caring for the sick since 1973 and is currently working at the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine in Washington, D.C. She is the director of the alternative Medicine at the Washington Home and Hospice. "  If you are interested in her care she can be found at: 5101 Wisconsin Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C., 20016  and  reached at (202) 686-8202.  Her web site is:  http://www.naturalhealthdc.com/. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Treatment with Chakra Balancing

David Wright, CRM

Around the holidays many of my clients were flying home or taking vacations.
Washington has such an international population that many of these trips involve
traveling great distances such as to Europe and Asia. The common complaint, jet

In my work, I measure and work with the quality and the intensity of Life Force
flowing through the chakra system and everyone of these people upon returning
home have what can easily be described as collapsed energy systems.

I have long since speculated that the phenomenon of jet lag has to do with the
rapid movement of jet travel across the magnetic field of the earth. Each area
of the earth has a specific magnetic signature and we become accustomed to it
and feel "at home". Traveling great distances at a high rate of speed seems to
disorient us and induces a sort of energetic trauma. Simply put, Energetically
we don't recognize were we are. Whenever we are shocked like this, we are likely
to contract energetically and the result will be a loss of vitality. Most people
report that the maximum impact of this trauma occurs at the end of the second or
third day upon returning home. I believe the actual collapse occurs right away
but they don't experience the full effect of the depletion until several days

Several of my clients visited me right before they left and were very clear and
powerful energetically. When they returned, their chakra system was virtually
closed down. In fact they exhibited an energy profile that closely resembled
PTSD. Everyone that has experienced jet lag knows that the effects are temporary
but can be quite uncomfortable. I realigned and cleared their chakras and I
noticed an immediate reaction. One client said that she felt like her blood had
started flowing again after the session. I heard from her after three days after
the session and she had remarkably escaped all of the discomfort that she
usually experienced. In her words she usually felt "drunk" after the third day
and because of the balancing treatment, she felt fine.

The more we travel, the less we are apt to suffer from the debilitating effects
of jet lag because we get accustomed to the rapid change in the magnetic field.
However, if you are like most of us who do struggle with the effects of jet lag,
there is help.

Take care and remember to be nice to yourself.

David Patrick Wright RM, PHC, C.Ht, BA.