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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Pregnancy Massage & Infant Massage Class Jan 9 & 10

Skilled, nurturing touch is beneficial for moms and babies. This statement is validated by data from various studies.
Anthropological studies indicate that most of the world's peaceful cultures use touch prominently during pregnancy and early childhood. Studies conducted in 49 societies showed that there is an 80% correlation , in infant physical affection such as carrying or hugging and low crime and physical violence in adulthood including theft, torture and slavery.
In one study, pregnant women who received massage twice a week for 5 weeks experienced less anxiety and less leg and back pain, better sleep and moods improved. Their labor had fewer complications, created more bonding between mom and infant.
Pregnancy is a time when women need support and stress relief. Stress can compromise circulation to the baby, as much as 65%, resulting in lower fetal heart rate and blood oxygenation.
Individualized hands-on time with a somatic practitioner presents a potent experience of support and relaxation for a pregnant woman. Massage therapy provides an atmosphere that invites relaxation, nurturing and body awareness.

In the class you will practice draping, positioning and techniques used in pregnancy massage.  Contraindications, high-risk symptoms and physiological changes thru each trimester, and main muscle groups affected by physiological changes will be discussed.
This class includes practical experience.  Please be prepared to perform massage on each other.

The class will include lecture on the various benefits and cautions related to the stages of pregnancy.  The students will be able to practice techniques to help with low back pain, breathing, hip and leg pain.  Stress relieving techniques are also included in this class.  Students will also learn the benefits and cautions related to infant massage.
Students will view a demonstration of infant massage.

Jan 9 and 10, 2015
10am to 3pm both days
2 day class for
Hosted at:
3700 Mystic Ct., Olney, MD 20832

Continuing Education Credit:  14 CEUs 
NCBTMB Provider for Continuing Education

Washington Institute of Natural Medicine
Call to register:

(202) 237-7681, (202) 686-8202, (301) 538-9540


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