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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Eastern & Ayurvedic Herbs

Subject: Herbal Class April 2 in Silver Spring

Introduction to Eastern &
Ayurvedic Herbs

Sunday April 2, 2017
  10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Washington Institute of Natural Medicine
Silver Spring, MD
Master Herbology Program
Each MHC class level is $225
Each level can be paid separately
Classes can be taken in any order
Class time 10am - 4pm
Classes will be held at the Silver Spring location and thru Adobeconnect online.
Classes are simultaneously done on location and "live on-line" using Adobe-Connect.
Classes are Taught a Independent Modules and can be Taken out of Sequence.

Master Herbalist Certification
Total cost $2,250
Classes can be taken in any order. 10am - 4pm
Class dates
HHC3-   Aromatherapy & Herbal Medicine
HNC2 - Principles of Nutrition
HNC5 -Meal Planning Guidelines
MHC1 - Treating Body systems & Detoxification
MHC2 - Treating Body systems - Reproductive,
               Nervous, Immune and Circulatory
Apr 2
MHC3 - TCM & Ayurvedic Herbs
Apr 23
MHC4 - Phyto chemistry
May 7
MHC5 - Plant Identification
May 21
MHC6 -   Vit / Drug / Herb interactions
Jun 4
MHC7 - Business procedures
Jun 18
PMTI = Silver Spring Location
TBA = To be Announced.  These dates are set up personally with the teacher.
If you would like to do the online course please let the administrator know.
To register and pay for the class please call 202-237-7681
 Give the class description, date and location.
Classes start at 10am and end at 4pm. Make-up classes can be arranged with instructor.
Herbology Certification (HC)
Introductory course into Herbal Medicine.
HHC Level 3:  Aromatherapy & Herbal Medicine
History and philosophy of Western Herbal medicine, medical, herbal and botanical terminology.
Herbal sources and formulations
How to use herbal medicine safely
Benefits of compounding herbs
Holistic approach and Constitutional herbalism
Treating body systems-Respiratory system, Urinary system, Musculo-skeletal system,
Skin, hair and nails, Eyes and ears health
MHC Level 1: Treating Body Systems and Detoxification
Treating body systems - Digestive system, Circulatory system,
Treating body systems - Nervous system, Respiratory system
Food protocol to use when on a cleanse 
In-depth study of detoxification to rid the body of pollutants.
Detoxification protocol for candida albicans and other parasites
MHC Level 2: Introduction to Eastern and Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine
Principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine,Tongue analysis and Hara analysis
Principles of Ayurvedic Medicine, the traditional medical system of India.
MHC Level 3: Phytochemistry/Research:
Herbal phyto-chemistry of several most popular specific herbs
Herbal phyto-chemistry of tonic nervines.
Herbal treatments for diabetes, and arthritis
Herbal treatments for cancer, nervous disorders and digestive disorders.       
Instructor: Jen Martinez-Bentley, HD

The student must complete four levels. Each level is an independent module; therefore, the student may take them out of sequence. After the completion of the program a student can take the exam with the American Naturopathic and Holistic Association. This course is a pre-requisite for the Master Herbalist Certification program.
Washington Institute of Natural Medicine
within Potomac Massage Training Institute
8380 Colesville Rd. Suite 600, Silver Spring, MD 20910
Call to Register

(202) 686-8202, (202) 237-7681, (301) 538-9540

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