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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Feng Shui Design

Feng Shui Design
Practitioner Certification
Live Online 
Jan 13, 2019  
Feng Shui Level 1
10 am to 3 pm     

Attract Wealth and Health
This first level class discusses the  two popular schools of Feng Shui, the Ba-gua School and the Compass school using the Ba-Tsai. These two schools work with space, placement and directions. The student will learn the philosophy, the techniques, cures and how to consult with a client. Practical application on floor plans will be done in class.

Feng Shui is a time honored practice that can create harmony in your life. Your surroundings can affect your energy level, health, emotions and life's synchronicity.

Feng Shui literally means "the flow of wind and water", the wind disperses the invisible life energy and the water contains it.

Good Feng Shui can create harmonious relationships, revive enthusiasm, encourage fertility, attract prosperity and success.

I can guide you to make changes in your living environment to create the harmonious energy to bring positive changes in your life.

Positive qi gently meanders while negative qi strikes quickly in straight lines.

For qi to be beneficial and nourishing, it should flow harmoniously, not blocked or stagnant or destructive.

Jen Martinez-Bentley, HD                              
Certified Feng Shui Practitioner

Feng Shui (FS)
This course is offered thru Adobeconnect
Jan 13, 2019  
FS Level 1, 10 am to 3 pm 
($125 live online)
Book required - Feng Shui Step by Step by T. Raphael Simons
This course will explain the definition of Feng Shui, Chi, Yin and Yang, Five Elements and their cycles.   Explain the Star #s, the Diagnostic Methods & Eight Point Method (Ba Gua). Explain the importance of the Front Door, effects of clutter, inauspicious placements of Doors and Windows. Explain the way to use the Ba Gua on various spaces, describe the use of Colors, Shapes, Lighting and Mirrors, the placement of furniture and accessories, Symbolic Decorations. Explain how chi moves thru passageways, bedroom, bath, common rooms, home office, studio and One-bedroom apartments.
Use student's floor plan to do analyses. The Student will receive a letter of completion for this level.
Jan 27, 2019, 10 am to 3 pm
FS Level 2   ($125 live online)
Book required - Flying Star Feng Shui by Stephen Skinner
Explain Five Elements and their cycles, Time and Space Dimension, Facing and Sitting directions, the use of the compass, & how the geomantic chart is created.

Explain each Star and how to use the geomantic chart to analyze the student's floor plan; Bedroom, Bath, Common rooms, Home office, Studio and One-bedroom apartments
Explain how to use remedies on student's floor plan.
The Student will receive a letter of completion for this level.
Book required - Flying Star Feng Shui by Stephen Skinner
Certification requires completion of Level 1 and 2 and completion of one case study.

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