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Monday, March 23, 2020

On Demand Classes

On Demand Classes
with  the
         Washington Institute of Natural Medicine  

(202) 686-8202 

Certification Classes
Continuing Education

By Popular Demand
Certifications and CEs
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On Demand Online
Certification Programs
and Continuing Education
 Take any class at any time, on your own schedule.
Classes are taught as independent modules and can be taken as a single class, as a program, and can be taken out of sequence.
Holistic Health Care Program
Each Class/Level is $225
HHC1 - Anatomy &  Physiology

 HHC2 - Pathology & Detox
HHC3 - Aromatherapy &  Herbal Medicine

HHC4 - Homeopathy & Energy Medicine

HHC5 - Iridology & Japanese Hara
HHC6 - TCM Principles & Meridian theory

 HHC7 - Pulse & Tongue

Integrative Health Coach Program
Each Class/Level $225.00
Sign up by advertised date or take the Classes at any time
and on your own Personal Schedule 
Level 1: Anatomy and Physiology, and Medical Terminology

Level 2: Pathology of Disease

Level 3: Aromatherapy
Level 4: Principles of Nutrition
Level 5: Carbohydrates & Fats
Level 6: Stress Management
Level 7: Coaching Defined
Level 8: Wellness Coaching
Level 9: Coaching core competencies
Level 10: Herbal and Supplement interactions
Level 11: Experiential Learning
Holistic Nutrition Program
Each Class/Level is $225.00 

HHC1 - Anatomy & Physiology
HNC2 - Principles of Nutrition

    HNC3 - Nutrition and Body Chemistry

HNC4 - Fats and Sugars
HNC5 - Meal Planning Guidelines
Herbology Program
(Master Herbalist)
Each Class/Level is $225.00 

MHC1 - Treating Body systems & Detoxification

HNC2 - Principles of Nutrition
MHC2 - Treating Body systems - Reproductive, Nervous, Immune, and Circulatory systems
HHC3 - Aromatherapy and Herbal Medicine

MHC3 - TCM & Ayurvedic Herbs
MHC4 - Phyto Chemistry
 MHC5 - Plant Identification

HNC5 - Meal Planning Guidelines
MHC6 - Vitamin/Drug/ Herb Interactions
Wellness Coaching Program
Each Class/Level is $225.00

HHC1 - Anatomy and Medical Terminology

WC1- Wellness Coaching Level I - Assessment and Interview
WC2 - Wellness Coaching Level II - Case Studies and Role Play
WC3 - Stress Management - Relaxation Techniques
WC4 - Meditation and Visualization with Aromatherapy

WC5 - Professional Practice and Ethics - legal practice

HNC2 - Principles of Nutrition

    HNC3 - Nutrition and Body Chemistry

HNC4 - Fats and Sugars

 Aromatherapy I - Basics

 Aromatherapy III - Emotional and Spiritual Balance

Integrative Homeopathy Program
Each Class/Level is $225.00

Level I: Homeopathic Principles and Philosophy
Level II: Taking a Case
 Level III: Repertory Study
Level IV: Materia Medica
Level V: Iridology and Japanese Hara Analysis
Level VI: Traditional Chinese Medicine
Level VII: TCM Observations - Tongue & Pulse Analysis
Level VIII: Case Studies - Acute & Chronic Conditions

Some programs have a clinical component that is required at the end of the program.  Clinical is scheduled with the teacher at our Olney, Maryland location.  Additional clinical sites/instructors can be approved upon request.

Programs with Clinical Requirements:

Holistic Health Care
$225.00 per Level
HHC8 - Clinical I
HHC9 -  Clinical II
HHC10 - Clinical III

Holistic Nutrition
$225.00 per Level 
HNC6 - Counseling & Clinical

Master Herbalist
$225.00 per Level
MHC7 - Business Procedures and Clinical 

Integrative Homeopathy
$225.00 per Level
Level IX: Clinical - 10 cases

Integrative Health Coach Program does not require clinical


Holistic Health, Aromatherapy, Holistic Nutrition, Acupressure, Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage, and More...
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review our web site:
Washington Institute of Natural Medicine
within the Wilshire Condo building
3701 Connecticut Ave., N.W. #1
Washington, D.C. 20008
(202) 237-7681, (202) 686-8202
Additional Locations in DC, Maryland, and Virginia 

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