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Sunday, November 8, 2020

Iridology and Hara Assessment Class Nov 14


Washington Institute of Natural Medicine

Iridology and Japanese Hara Assessment Class
Live Online
Saturday, November 14, 2020
10 am to 2 pm,  Price $225.00
Perfect for Massage Therapists, Nurses, Child Care Providers, Geriatric Care, and 
New Aspiring Holistic Practitioners!

Iridology - the study of the Iris

Japanese Hara Analysis
This class is Level 5 of the Holistic Health Care Program
Instructor: Jen Martinez, HD
Ask about Special rates for exi students
Class Description:
The student will learn the analysis of the iris and how it relates to the human anatomy. The Hara Analysis is a tool used to determine the present status of each energy center. It is the application of light to moderate pressure to the abdominal region in order to determine imbalances based upon Japanese theories. Ailments related to the Immune system will also be discussed.
Required Text:
Simplified Iridology by Bernard Jensen
Visions of Health by Dr. Bernard Jensen & Dr. Donald Bodeen

Complete Holistic Certification Program
HHC1 -Anatomy & Physiology (On Demand)
HHC2 -Pathology & Detox (On Demand)
HHC3 -Aromatherapy & Herbal medicine (On Demand)
HHC4 - Homeopathy & Energy Medicine (On Demand)
HHC5 - Iridology & Japanese Hara (Nov 14)
HHC6 - TCM Principles & Meridian theory (Dec 5)  
HHC7 - Pulse & Tongue (Dec 19) 
HHC8 -Clinical I (TBA)
HHC9 -Clinical II (TBA)
HHC10 -Clinical III (TBA)
The Washington Institute teaches continuing education classes and a certificate program in Holistic Health in Maryland.

The Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) has reviewed the Washington Institute's classes and has determined that the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine can teach classes in Maryland. 

District of Columbia General Business Licensed with the following endorsements: Education Services, Apprenticeship Training,
Exam Preparation and Tutoring, Educational Support Services

Approved for continuing education through the
American Alternative Medical Association
Accredited by the
American Association of Drugless Practitioners 

Approved by the American Naturopathic and Holistic Association (ANHA) which is a peer review organization for professional natural health care training institutions.

Student review - "Dr. Jen did a fantastic job, she is a wise, intuitive healer with a vast knowledge and experience!" Melisa M. Miner

Call to register: (202) 686-8202, (202) 237-7681, (301) 538-9540 

Dr jen
Instructor: Jen Martinez, HD, CHHCP
Certified Holistic Health Care Practitioner
Doctor of Integrative Homeopathy

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