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Saturday, March 12, 2022

Reflexology Program April 2


Reflexology Program

April 2, 2022, Saturday 10am to 3pm
Level I, Introduction to Reflexology
 Special Reduced Fee: $195 for each level
Regular $225.00 ( 5 CE units/each level)
Certification Program and Continuing Education 

Class Location: Live Online Adobeconnect
Can also be taken On Demand Online

Perfect for Massage Therapists, Nurses, Child Care Providers, Geriatric Care, and New Aspiring Reflexologists!
Instructor: Jen Martinez, HD
NCBTMB Approved Provider
Qualify and test for the American Reflexology Certification Board,
the highest standard of credentials in reflexology recognized through out the United States.

April 2, 2022, Saturday 10am to 3pm
Level I, Introduction to Reflexology
This course includes 2 hours on reflexology theory, history, zone therapy, meridians, map of reflexes and foot and hand structure. 1 hours of hands-on to learn reflexology grip and techniques. One hour on business ethics and standards. Twenty hours of unsupervised documented practical sessions.
Location: Live Online or On demand
April 16, 2022, Saturday 10am to 3pm
Level II,  Reflexology and Aromatherapy                  
This course includes 2 hours of reflexology theory, history, zones, meridians, relaxation response, and body systems related to reflexology. Introduction to aromatherapy, its benefits, safety guidelines and practical applications will be discussed. 1 hour of practical sessions including the application of essential oils on reflex points. One hour on business standards, local/state laws and ordinances pertaining to the practice of reflexology.
Location: live online or on demand online

April 30, 2022, Saturday 10am to 3pm
Level III,  Reflexology and Acupressure                     
This course includes four hours of body systems as related to reflexology, leg and foot structure, hands-on palpations, and map of reflexes as they are anatomically reflected on the feet. Practical use of hot stones for reflexology is discussed and practical sessions for four hours. One hour of business standards and ethics pertaining to the practice of reflexology.
 Location: live online or on demand online
May 7, 2022, Saturday 10am to 3pm 
Level IV, Reflexology Clinical                                      
Required for Certification with the *ANHA
This fully hands-on class is to satisfy the requirements of 3 documented practical sessions required by *ANHA for certification. The student will create a video showing 3 different clients, 30 minute sessions each. The student may invite friends and/or family to be their client.
Location: live online or on demand online

Basic Certification requires Levels 1 and 4. Advanced Certification requires all levels.

Required textbook: The Reflexology Manual by Pauline Wills

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