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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Harmony Lightworker Class

Inner Harmony Training with Lightworker Certification
Level 1 Dates in Rockville, MD
June 1-3 
Fri. 5:30-9:00, Saturday 9:30-5:30, Sunday 9:30-5:00 
To Register, Please call WINM at
202-686-8202,  202-237-7681, or 301-538-9540
Are you ready for an upgrade in your spiritual life? Wondering how to enhance your intuition, or to connect with higher consciousness more fully? Inner Harmony Training with Lightworker Certification will teach you how to:
~ Meditate - comprehensive program of visualizations, mantras, and more
~ Enhance inner peace
~ Develop intuition
~ Manage Subtle Energy (your own and others)
~ Protect yourself energetically
~ Gain Clarity on Your Spiritual Path as a Lightworker 
~ Work in the Light with Higher Beings
Light Worker Initiations are also offered for those who complete the coursework; initiation and certification are optional. This course is also the foundational required course for learning Harmony Healing and Harmony Coaching, all of which are certified through the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine's accredited professional training program. The course includes:
Course includes:
    ~ Subtle Energy Awareness Exercises
    ~ All-About the Chakras
     ~ Integration of Spiritual Worldviews in a Secular World
     ~ Integrative perspectives on Energy & Evolution of the Soul
    ~ The Seven Rays of Creation, the Archangels and Masters of the Seven Rays,
        And how these can guide you on your path
    ~ Light Worker Initiations (Blessings)
    ~ Raja Yoga Meditation
    ~ Spiritual Worldviews and Spiritual Journeys
Date: June 1-3 , 2018 - Fri. 5:30-9:00, Sat. 9:30-5:30, Sun. 9:30-5:30
Class Held at Rockville Location
Office of Carol Richardson
12803 Twinbrook Parkway #204
Rockville, MD 20851
(202) 237-7681, (202) 686-8202
Cost: $300
What to bring:   pen and paper for notes, vegetarian food to share, yoga mat and/or cushions for sitting on the floor.
This course is Level One of the Harmony Professional Certification series offered jointly by Highest Harmony Healing & Coaching and the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine (WINM, whose courses are accredited).

Level One:  18-hour training, cost:  $300
Level Two is Harmony Healing - 36-hour training, $650
Level Three is Harmony Coaching - 36-hour training, $650
To register, please call WINM: 301-538-9540
Instructor: Rev. Carol Richardson, M.Div., MPH, Intuitive Life Coach, Energy Healer, Hypnotherapist, Author, Inspirational Speaker. https://www.highestharmony.guru/
Upon completion of the program graduates will receive Certifications through:
Washington Institute of Natural Medicine
and the
American Naturopathic and Holistic Association

Continuing Education approval from the
American Alternative Medical Association
Accreditation through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners

Call to reserve your space!
(202) 237-7681, (202) 686-8202, (301) 538-9540

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