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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Natural Treatment for Stress

Natural Treatment for Stress
Dr. Victoria Goldsten, HD
Natural Health Care Nurse
Integrative Homeopathic Doctor
As I studied psychiatric nursing and gained experience at a psychiatric facility and psychiatric wards in hospitals I became comfortable with the counseling aspect of nursing.  I also worked on an adolescent ward seeing how they showed the rebellious nature.  Even as I worked on a prison ward with children and teens I began to see a re-occurrence of deep seeded needs, needs for nurturing and praise.  So many were seemingly raised, as children, in a negative environment. 
Now today I see numerous clients with stress and I see how their past has affected their current life situation.  The past negative experiences, their current home and life stresses create an ever mounting list of complaints such as anxiety, stress, panic, phobias, and depression.
With the advent of conventional drugs many have turned to that form of treatment but still find themselves wanting for more.
Many times clients seek out our office for natural treatment of their previously diagnosed physical complaints. In those lists of complaints they frequently include stress.  These complaints of which could be a result of the looming stress. 
After completing a natural health care assessment and consultation we recommend remedies and therapies based upon the results of the visit.  These therapies complement the client’s conventional medical care.  Even when a client informs us they do not want to see a medical doctor we strongly suggest they seek them out for diagnosis and appropriate conventional medical testing. 
As a result of our natural health care assessment and the needs and request of the client homeopathics, herbals, aromatherapy, hypnosis, chakra balancing, guided imagery, transformational bodywork, reiki, or massage can be recommended. The appropriate selection of care is based upon the evaluating practitioner’s review and the methods that are most acceptable by the client.  Not all of the methods are needed.  Many times a client will have positive results with just one or two methods. Upon beginning the therapies the client can have profound effects of which also gives the practitioner a high level of satisfaction of a job well done.
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