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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Natural Homeopathic Virus Treatment

My Fight with Viral Infections
Natural Medicine Helped Me
David M.
Every year I would get sick with some kind of a virus. It would hit me strong and I would be down for three days in the November to December time period.  I think my body may have picked up viruses throughout the year but never became weakened as a true sickness until that time, once per year.  That may sound odd but that is how I believe I felt.
One day I was driving home and upon my arrival I broke out in a heavy sweat and was in a weakened condition. I dragged myself into the house and I laid down on the couch.  I thought I was in for another three day stint of illness. Because of this condition I decided to consult with Dr. Victoria Goldsten, a homeopathic doctor at the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine.  Dr Goldsten evaluated me based upon natural theories and came up with an appropriate natural treatment plan.  Upon doing so I took a homeopathic formula called viral immune system stimulator.  As Dr. Goldsten described it to me, the homeopathic was a nosode remedy that actually contained minute amounts of dead viruses that stimulate the immune system to fight off viruses.  I took the remedy right away and by the next morning I was 100% well and full of energy.
Since that time 18 years ago I have never relapsed into that same condition again.  In fact I have only  had two to three colds since then and when they came on I immediately took the viral immune remedy to fight it.  Even when I would be exposed to someone that was coughing, sneezing, or had a runny nose I would take a small dose to prevent a cold from coming on.  It really worked.
I had never been a believer in natural medicine and did not know much about it but now I am a true believer.
After my positive experience with natural medicine I became more familiar with Dr. Goldsten’s practice and methods.  I found out that when she started in the health profession she first was educated as a nurse and then studied many natural health methods after that.  I think her background in conventional medicine causes her to be a natural practitioner that is aware of both methods in health care; therefore, she sees health care in a realistic manner.  She is not against conventional medicine but augments its care.
If you are interested in Dr. Goldsten’s care she has an institute in Washington, D.C. with numerous other natural health care practitioners such as: massage therapists, colon hydrotherapists, energy workers, acupuncturists, reflexologists and much more.  They are a fantastic group of people. 
The Washington Institute of Natural Medicine is located at 5101 Wisconsin Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20016.  They can be reached at (202) 686-8202 and seen on their web site at: http://www.naturalhealthdc.com/.  It is definitely worth your time to check out their facility.  Each and every practitioner has a great gift to offer.
Best wishes in you search for health care.  Good health to you.