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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Re-occurring Sinus Infections

Re-occurring Sinus Infections
My Miracle in a Bottle
Dr. Victoria Goldsten, HD
Natural Health Care Nurse
Integrative Homeopathic Doctor

Well over 20 years ago I was having chronic sinus infection.  Due to the infections I was taking antibiotics almost on a monthly basis.  The antibiotic would work temporarily and the infection would clear, but within a short period of time the infection would return.  After numerous re-occurrences of infection I concluded that my body was weak and could not fight bacterial infections.
Due to my conventional training as a nurse, the taking of the antibiotics made sense to me but I knew I needed to do something else.  Conventionally I knew I was doing everything I could do.  My frustration mounted as I dealt with the infections, congestion, difficulty breathing, drainage, cough, and weakness.
As a result of my frustration I decided to seek out natural health care.  I went to a practitioner that was consulting clients and recommending supplements, herbs, and homeopathic.  Due to her recommendations I began to take numerous remedies. Within that group of remedies I found what I call my miracle in a bottle, a homeopathic called a nosode.  At that time a nosode had no meaning to me, but over time I became to understand it better.  This nosode formulation, which had minute levels of dead bacteria in it, strengthened my immune system to bacteria and as a result I was able to stop taking the antibiotics.  That for me was unbelievably profound.  I felt that this type of treatment was top secret information that the average citizen did not know about and that conventional practitioners were unaware.  At that moment I knew my path had changed from a conventional nurse.  I then was driven to help others that had similar difficulties.  I sought out homeopathic education and then began to consult clients as a natural health care nurse and integrative homeopath.
These events forever changed my path in life and gave it a much stronger meaning.
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