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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Treatment with Chakra Balancing

David Wright, CRM

Around the holidays many of my clients were flying home or taking vacations.
Washington has such an international population that many of these trips involve
traveling great distances such as to Europe and Asia. The common complaint, jet

In my work, I measure and work with the quality and the intensity of Life Force
flowing through the chakra system and everyone of these people upon returning
home have what can easily be described as collapsed energy systems.

I have long since speculated that the phenomenon of jet lag has to do with the
rapid movement of jet travel across the magnetic field of the earth. Each area
of the earth has a specific magnetic signature and we become accustomed to it
and feel "at home". Traveling great distances at a high rate of speed seems to
disorient us and induces a sort of energetic trauma. Simply put, Energetically
we don't recognize were we are. Whenever we are shocked like this, we are likely
to contract energetically and the result will be a loss of vitality. Most people
report that the maximum impact of this trauma occurs at the end of the second or
third day upon returning home. I believe the actual collapse occurs right away
but they don't experience the full effect of the depletion until several days

Several of my clients visited me right before they left and were very clear and
powerful energetically. When they returned, their chakra system was virtually
closed down. In fact they exhibited an energy profile that closely resembled
PTSD. Everyone that has experienced jet lag knows that the effects are temporary
but can be quite uncomfortable. I realigned and cleared their chakras and I
noticed an immediate reaction. One client said that she felt like her blood had
started flowing again after the session. I heard from her after three days after
the session and she had remarkably escaped all of the discomfort that she
usually experienced. In her words she usually felt "drunk" after the third day
and because of the balancing treatment, she felt fine.

The more we travel, the less we are apt to suffer from the debilitating effects
of jet lag because we get accustomed to the rapid change in the magnetic field.
However, if you are like most of us who do struggle with the effects of jet lag,
there is help.

Take care and remember to be nice to yourself.

David Patrick Wright RM, PHC, C.Ht, BA.