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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Natural Treatment for Back Pain in Washington, DC

Natural Treatment for Back Pain in Washington, DC
Dr. Victoria Goldsten, HD
Natural Health Care Nurse
Integrative Homeopathic Doctor
Certified Neural Therapy Practitioner
Since 1973 I have cared for patients with back pain.  First, those in the hospital setting after surgical procedures and now, in an alternative medicine facility.  I have gone from giving Demerol injections to now providing massage, acupressure, homeopathy, and neural therapy.  Although Demerol helped with the pain it was a temporary treatment as are many other drugs. 
Over the last fifteen years I have seen massage eliminate pain and promote improved mobility.  It increases circulation and helps the moisture return into the tissue sites -- as a result symptoms improve.  In addition, I have worked with an orthopedic massage therapist that improves joint function and increases range of motion with his treatments.
When a client presents with difficult pain complaints I recommend the addition of acupuncture to the massage therapy sessions.  Acupuncture also increases circulation and causes a rise in endorphins resulting in pain relief.
I feel natural practitioners need an arsenal of methods to help control pain and to assist in the healing of the client.  One powerful method is dry needle neural therapy.  This technique is provided by those medical practitioners permitted to use hypodermic needles such as phlebotomists, nurses, and medical doctors. 

One neural therapy method inserts the needle via an empty syringe, through the skin at approximately 30 to 90 degrees, and then removes the syringe.  The needle is left in place for at least 20 minutes to reach therapeutic value. The locations are selected based on peripheral nerve sites related to the pain.
Some clients have reported an elimination of pain just after one session.  Repeat sessions may be needed based on the clients personal history.  Based upon neural therapy data, the millivolts produced by the nerve are reduced thereby decreasing the pain.
Neural therapy practitioners may practice the method in different ways.  Other methods introduce the needles quickly and repetitively throughout the treatment session and some may inject Novocain. Usually those using Novocain are medical doctors but nurses can provide the treatment with Novocain injections after receiving a doctor’s prescription.
The Washington Institute practitioners offer the dry needle technique with the 20 minute needle placement. Institute clients have reported that the dry needle neural therapy to be even more powerful than acupuncture.
In addition to massage, acupuncture, and neural therapy clients may also find positive response to acupressure and homeopathic remedies.
Prior to treatment it is important to have a diagnosis from a medical doctor to insure that there is nothing seriously affecting the client that may need conventional medical attention.
The Washington Institute of Natural Medicine has a variety of natural therapies that augment conventional care.  Please feel free to contact the Institute for further question or details.
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