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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Natural Treatment for Anxiety

My Fight with Anxiety
Natural Medicine Helped Me
David M.

I had an anxiety problem for most of my adult life.  Different doctors that I went to gave me different supplements consisting mostly of taking vitamins.  Later doctors gave me pills such as Xanex.  The most recent doctor I went to has worked on and lowered my triglycerides and cholesterol from extremely high levels to close to normal. This last doctor seems to have lessened my anxiety bouts but not put an end to them. 
I went to Dr. Goldsten of the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine.  She is an integrative homeopathic doctor. I gave her my history of anxiety and what the doctors previously recommended.  She talked to me about anxiety drops, neuro relax drops, and stage fright homeopathic drops.  Other than extreme anxiety situations these drops worked fast and thoroughly on my problem.
She also instructed me on an acupressure method that applied pressure to acupressure points called the Palace of Anxiety in the center of the palm of each hand. She said to use them whenever I am not around the drops she gave me.  She also said that I could use the pressure points with the drops as well.  I was amazed that just by touching certain points on my hands that the body would react and calm anxious situations for me.
When I found the drops were not quite strong enough for my anxiety in the dental chair I then asked the dental assistant to apply pressure to the Palace of Anxiety points in my hands for me.  That relaxed me enough so I was in no hurry to leave the dental chair.
After my positive experience with natural medicine I became more familiar with Dr. Goldsten’s practice and methods.  I found out that when she started in the health profession she first was educated as a nurse and then studied many natural health methods after that.  I think her background in conventional medicine causes her to be a natural practitioner that is aware of both methods in health care; therefore, she sees health care in a realistic manner.  She is not against conventional medicine but augments its care.
If you are interested in Dr. Goldsten’s care she has an institute in Washington, D.C. with numerous other natural health care practitioners such as: massage therapists, colon hydrotherapists, energy workers, acupuncturists, reflexologists and much more.  They are a fantastic group of people. 
The Washington Institute of Natural Medicine is located at 5101 Wisconsin Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20016.  They can be reached at (202) 686-8202 and seen on their web site at: www.NaturalHealthDC.com.  It is definitely worth your time to check out their facility.  Each and every practitioner has a great gift to offer.
Best wishes in your search for health care.  Good health to you.

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